Oswald de Muillerswijk

The Wealthy Merchant Benefactor



Oswald de Muillerswijk is the rich merchant benefactor of The Guilded Rose. He is, for all intents, the Adventurer’s “Boss”, though he prefers a hands-off approach, leaving the minutiae of the business in the Players’ hands, whilst merely reaping the benefits.


Balding, chubby, with an overall cloying stench of thinly masked sweat, Oswald seems a crook in every sense of the word. Be that as it may, it is almost impossible not to smile and joke along side him – he’s just one of those people, friends with everyone but no one actually likes anything about him.

He wears clothes that are at least two seasons out of date, which are spattered in places with food stains and odd discolouration. He always wears a wide-sitting beret with green and yellow panels.


Oswald wants to get rich, plain and simple. He really doesn’t mind how it gets done, just so long as A) He doesn’t have to do any of the dirty work and B) He gets richer than the others involved.


Oswald de Muillerswijk

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