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Here you will find all relevant information pertaining to Marienburg: Sold Down the River, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition campaign.

Please see the list of categories below for more information.

Setting Info on the Warhammer World. Refer here for Monsters, Religions, Technology, etc. Only includes non-official canon aspects of the setting.
Places Info on specific locations. Refer here for Taverns, Shops, Dungeons, etc. Only includes places visited, or discussed during play.
Factions Info on various organisations. Refer here for Cults, Clubs, Criminal Syndicates, etc. Only includes factions involved, or discussed during play.
Events Info on the timeline. Refer here for Battles, Treaties, Adventures, etc. Only includes events that occurred or discussed during play.
META Info on the game. Refer here for House Rules, Character Gen Guidelines, Table Contract, etc.

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