Wim Masaryk

Enraged Ghostly Guardian of The Captains



Wim Masaryk was a destitute young gambler in his mid twenties who, several years ago committed suicide out of shame. He hung himself from the top of Tarnopols Clocktower when he couldn’t buy back his heirloom from Gideon Scheepscheers. He now haunts the Tower and protects The Captains.


Ghostly, transperant and draped in grubby rags. His hair hangs dark and lank, and his beard grows out at odd angles.

He is deranged beyond recognition and has mostly forgotten his old life – only remembering the children who are nice to him and the bastard he blames for his death.


Nothing is left to Wim except revenge. He thinks only of keeping The Captains safe, and wringing the neck of Gideon Scheepscheers. However, now that The Guilded Rose has returned his gravy boat, he seems to have disappeared. For now.


Wim is a FRIEND of The Guilded Rose for their actions during “Who You Gonna Call”.

Wim Masaryk

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