Willibrod "Weird Willi" Molendijk

Deranged & Possessed "Suiddock Slasher"



Willibrod Molendijk, called “Weird Willi” by the children of Suiddock, is a deranged insane tramp who has been coerced by the Voice in the Well. He is being the string of murders known as the Suiddock Slasher.


Short, wiry build with scraggly black hair and a scarred, pock-marked face. Willi is an outcast and speaks with a stutter. He is constantly trying to seek companionship, but is terrified of people.

In truth, he is insane and believes that the Voice in the Well has been telling him to collect bodies for it. He has thus far been responsible for the deaths of 17 people.

Additionally, Willi seems to be able to create a magical glamour around his face which disguises his appearance. How he does this is unknown.


Willi just wants a friend – someone who will stick around forever, instead of abandoning him, like everyone else.


Willibrod Molendijk is a HATED ENEMY of The Guilded Rose after the events of “Something Speaks in Suiddock”.

Willibrod "Weird Willi" Molendijk

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