Venk Kataswaran

Slum-Lord and Opium Dealer



Venk Kataswaran is the slimy, sleazy, and overly fond of himself landlord of the Golden Lotus Dreaming House in Riddra, Suiddock. He is a reprehensible man, refusing to partake in his own junk, yet pushing it on his customers, and selling them to the highest bidder.

He was killed by Garfield Cobblefist and Siegfried Von Täuschung, and his murder was framed on an anonymous opium junkie.


Tall, ageing, and hawkish in appearance, Venk wears a scarlet silk turban, and has rheumy, yet bright eyes. He thinks himself far better than the common scum of Marienburg, and his accent is hard to place (though he certainly isn’t from Araby as his fashion would dictate).


Venk doesn’t care who gets hurt, and which lives are destroyed. He knows his junk is bad, yet pushes it on anyone he can. He is a scum bag, and it is not surprising he felt the need to be constantly escorted by his two Nipponese bodyguards – Toko and Masahito (though little good that did him).


Venk Kataswaran

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