Trancas Quendalmanliye

Marienburg's most connected Information Broker.


Co-owner of the ‘Three of a Kind Casino and Cabaret’. Trancas is known throughout Marienburg as the city’s most infamous information broker. Trancas knows all too well that ‘Knowledge is Power’, and has used this aphorism as the foundation on which he built his fortune.


Although a Wood Elf, Trancas’ loyalties are not tied to his kin, as is normal for elflings. Some mysterious event of his past has severed any connections Trancas felt towards his race, and it is well-known that he prefers the company of humans. His preference is such that his paramour is a human, by the name of Margaret who, it seems is another of the three owners of ‘Three of a Kind’.

Considered by many to act as a go-between for elves and humans during this time of racial tension in Marienburg.

Trancas Quendalmanliye

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