Theophilius Graveland

Cunning Suiddock Black Cap Captain



Theophilius Graveland is the Captain of the Suiddock Black Caps. He is the highest ranking “official” peace keeper in the Ward, and takes his job very seriously.


Tall, straight back, piercing grey eyes, and a withering sneer – the only thing that betrays his age is the slight beer belly he’s started forming in the last few years. However, his mail hauberk still fits over the top, and he can still give most of the gutter rats a literal run for their money.

He isn’t the cleanest dresser, for in his words “Pomp and fine shoes don’t catch criminals – grit, sweat and blood do! Oh, and nets. Nets catch criminals.”


Theophilius does his job more because he’s good at it than anything else. He knows the value of a hard days work, and doesn’t believe in doing anything half-arsed. He is willing to cut corners to get at the big fish, but there are rumours of him consorting with the Guild We’ve Never Heard Of to keep crime rates down.

He’s not a traditional law enforcer, but he’s the best that Suiddock has, and they are thankful for him (when they’re not the ones being chased).


Theophilius Graveland is a WILLING EMPLOYER of The Guilded Rose after the events of “Something Speaks in Suiddock”.

Theophilius Graveland

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