Tessa Berkhout

Dispossessed Daughter & Initiate of Manaan



Tessa Berkhout is the daughter of Rudolf Berkhout, a lousy Priest of Manaan, and an Initiate herself. She has no true ambition – she just wants her father back for now.


Short, mousy, but very attractive – if she held herself well. She has an air about her of a girl not used to being noticed, and therefore uncomfortable when she is. She clearly has signs of neglect about her, due in large part to her deceased mother and absent father.

But she is smart, and if given the confidence, she could become a force to be reckoned with.


Tessa has no real ambitions of her own – as she’s never known what ambition feels like. She knows she wants to survive, and she knows basically how to do that, but for the most part she is lost. She joined the Priesthood of Manaan more because it was expected of her, rather form piety, and she is looking for her father because she’s not sure what else to do without him.

In all, Tessa is aimless, but given a target she could be unstoppable.


Tessa Berkhout

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