Siggismund Tarnopol

Impoverished Imperial Noble Expatriate



Siggismund Tarnopol, of the Ostland Tarnopols, is the slowly-climbing scion of the Tarnopol debts. His family fled the Empire after his rich Great Grandfather blew all their money on random purchases in Marienburg. They fled their lands in the wake of debtors. Now, Siggismund will do anything to return, from lying, stealing and gambling, to other, darker, criminal activities. However, unlike his Grand Father, he always pays his debts…


Slim, and roguishly handsome – in an Imperial sort of way – Siggismund wears his black hair long and slightly greasy. He is the kind of person you’d expect would get any girl he fancied – but those selfsame girls would question themselves forever more on what they were thinking at the time.

He wears expensive looking, but cheaply made clothes. He is never one to squander a penny when it could be used for bigger and better things.


Siggismund famously wants to go home and “repay his debts”. Many think this is an honourable goal in life, to cleanse the family name. Those same people often think it is strange how much time he spends around Mercenaries, however.


Siggismund is a BEGRUDGING EMPLOYER of The Guilded Rose for “Who You Gonna Call”.

Siggismund Tarnopol

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