Rijkaard Veerman

The most honourable smuggler in Suiddock.


Rijkaard Veerman is a Ferryman, from a long line of Ferrymen, who lives in Suiddock with his wife Helena and his three kids Katharina, Viona and Jacob. Rijkaard supplements his job with many entrepreneurial adventures which definitely keep his family healthy and well fed, and could even get them out of Suiddock if they so chose. Though this is what he tells his wife. These entrepreneurial activities mainly involve smuggling, information broking and Insurance fraud, though he’s mostly stopped doing the latter two.

He joined the Guilded Rose as another way to supplement his income in hopefully a more legal manner. His wife was starting to ask questions after the last few close encounters with the law, especially when Theophilius Graveland showed up at the door one evening for a chat and only Helena was home.

Physical Description:
Rijkaard is 6’4", lean in build with mainly upper body strength built from poling from place to place on his ferry. He has thick dark hair, and is usually covered in stubble that refuses to be shaved off. Has minimal scarring on his face and body, but enough to be able to explain he’s been in a few fights. Could be considered handsome but his face twists slightly, mainly around the nose, after an accident involving a large Cathayan man and a missing box which apparently contained the finest opium in Marienburg. Can usually be seen in his work outfit, large brown coats of various shades and levels of being scuffed.


Rijkaard Veerman

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