Lea-Jan Cobbius

Unrelenting Head of the Stevedores' & Teamsters' Guild



Lea-Jan Cobbius is the stern Guildmaster of the Stevedores and Teamsters Guild. He is loyal and intelligent, and wants what’s best for his men, even if they don’t have the foresight to see it. He is the estranged older brother of Albertus Cobbius, though the two haven’t talked in years.


Tall and lanky with powerful muscles despite his age. His white hair is cropped close, and his steel-grey eyes can stare daggers down his aquiline nose. There is a two-inch scar just below his right eye brow.

Tough, arrogant and brutal – he is a sharp negotiator and has made the Merchant Houses realise that if you want to get anything done on the docks, they need to go through him.


He is loyal to those who are loyal to him, and ruthless to those who aren’t. He isn’t above doing terrible things to keep his loved ones safe, and he truly loves everyone in Suiddock.


Lea-Jan Cobbius is a RELUCTANT ENEMY of The Guilded Rose after the events of “Something Speaks in Suiddock”.

Lea-Jan Cobbius

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