Granny Hetta

"Grandmother" of Everyone in Suiddock



Granny Hetta is the kindly “Grandmother” of everyone in Suiddock, beloved by all. She is looked after by the common folk, and in turn she looks after them; fighting for their rights, cooking them hot meals, and just being there constantly.


Thin, frail and barely five-feet, her greying hair kept back in a bun with errant wisps poking out. She takes rapid, bird-like movements, but anyone who looks carefully will notice she is stringy rather than frail. She wears a pair of cracked and filthy eyeglasses jammed on her sharp nose, but she always looks over them, not through them.


Loved by all and loving all, she serves hot tea and sausages out of her boat. She just wants to keep Suiddock’s head above water, and despises the way the common folk are walked all over by the Directorate.


Granny Hetta is a FRIEND of The Guilded Rose after the events of “Something Speaks in Suiddock”.

Granny Hetta

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