Gideon Scheepscheers

Sleazy Owner of the Three Guilders Emporium



Gideon Scheepscheers is the money-grubbing and extremely keen-eyed pawn-broker of the Three Guilders Emporium. He is neither a scum bag nor a paragon of virtue. He is a business man. He will work to the letter of a contract, and wont ask questions about merchandise that could sell.


Gideon is tall, but a lifetime of stooping and crawling around his shop has left him shorter than most. His face is wrinkled in a perpetual squint. Together, these features leave him looking like a giant dried fruit.

He wears severe black clothes that went out of fashion twenty years ago, but keeps them because they’re still “perfectly good”.

He is followed by his two hired bodyguards at all time.


Gideon fawns over potential customers, but has no time for “deadbeats” who can’t pay their accounts. He knows his business and just wants to get rich like everyone else.


Gideon is SUSPICIOUS of The Guilded Rose for their actions during “Who You Gonna Call”.

Gideon Scheepscheers

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