Claudia Kitsch

The Sharp and Devious "Mother" of The Captains



Claudia Kitsch is the caring and unbelievably protective “mother” of The Captains. She can bounce between the cute, polite young girl, to the older, braver and stern guardian.


Actually 14 years old, Claudia can look a few years younger or older as she needs to just by the way she pushes her hair and holds her body. She has dirty brown-blonde hair which is close-cropped, and blue-grey eyes. She is slim and very pretty, but with a hard edge.

It would be a foolish young man who attempted to court her.


Claudia is incredibly firm in her loyalties, and will protect those who depend on her more than herself. She will go to any length to protect her children.


Claudia is a FRIEND of The Guilded Rose for their actions during “Who You Gonna Call”.

Claudia Kitsch

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