Arkat Fooger

Head of House Fooger



Arkat Fooger is the exceedingly wealthy head of House Fooger, and the inventor of “Insurance”. He is one of the Directors, and is considered the second richest person in Marienburg.


An elderly but impressive Dwarf of over 150 years, with wrinkles of care and wisdom on his face. His immaculate beard hangs over his paunch to his knees. His dignified bearing commands attention and respect.

He is short spoken when angry and giving commands, and he expects those in his employ to use their initiative.

He is stern, shrewd and reserved, but never underhanded. His word is considered binding and absolute, and is used as a byword for an unbreakable promise.


Arkat believes that the security of Marienburg and the free flow of trade is in everyone’s bets interests. He lives to see his clan prosper and remain in a position of standing. He believes that this goal, and keeping Marienburg safe, are in fact one and the same.


Arkat Fooger

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