Albertus Cobbius

Hard-as-nails Shallyan Orphanage Keeper



Brother Albertus Cobbius is the tough-as-nails Shallyan Priest who tends the Orphanage of Saint Ruther in Suiddock. An ex-Pit Fighter, Albertus turned to Shallya because he never wanted to hurt anyone – he was just poor and it was the only way to make money. He is the brother of Lea-Jan Cobbius, though they haven’t spoken in years.


A tall, powerfully build man in his late 50s, Albertus sports black and grey hair, and sad, compassionate brown eyes. Despite this, he is always ready with a smile to anyone willing to help the kids.


Albertus wants to atone for his sins, and wants to make sure no child has the upbringing he had – forced to do terrible things to survive. He truly loves Suiddock and all her people, and would go just short of killing to keep them safe.


Albertus is a FRIEND of The Guilded Rose for their actions during “Something Speaks in Suiddock”.

Albertus Cobbius

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