Sold Down the River

"Something Speaks in Suiddock"

Marienburg: Sold Down the River Session #1

Backertag 3rd, Nachexen, 2529 IE

“Someone’s killin’ people – and it ain’t our lot.”

The Guilded Rose meets with their Guildmaster, Oswald de Muillerswijk, and are given the charter and keys to their Guild Hall – The Guilded Hall. Afterwards, they head over to the Suiddock Watch Post and Jail to meet with their first client, Theophilius Graveland.

Theophilius details the exploits of the infamous Suiddock Slasher, a serial killer in Suiddock who has taken a total of 17 victims thus far. However, he mentions something odd about the victims – they’re all found three months after they go missing, decapitated, and shrivelled as if they’d been in water, yet bone dry… He tells the party that the Black Caps are having no luck investigating any witnesses, as everyone is afraid, and so they need non-official eyes on the case. He offers the party 250 Guilders compensation.

The party head into the streets and immediately start investigating the only identifiable victims – Lydia Brandwijk, Mirjam Wielaard, Ruben Stam, and Martin Welter – four seemingly unconnected people from different backgrounds, ages, and nothing linking them together. A little bit of digging, however, turns up that they all had connections to the Lyudenhoek Wharf, seeking Ferrymen way after 8th bell.

“Ain’t there a story about a Ferryman?”

The Guilded Rose go to the Wharf and inquire further, meeting with Granny Hetta and Albertus Cobbius, who each give them a further piece of the puzzle. Before long, the decision is made – they’ll come back at night to prowl the docks themselves.

Particularly of interest, Granny Hetta, who claims to “have seen enough magick in [her] time to know it when [she] see it!” recognised the Slasher from one of their encounters as being cloaked by a magical “glamour” that made him appear more handsome.

Under Cloak, Dagger and Ferryman’s Pole.

When they return to the docks at night, they split up to cover more ground. One ground is attacked by a band of drunken labourers from the Stevedores and Teamsters Guild, whilst the middle ground rush to help them. All the while, the furtherest away group see movement off towards the docks.

After a brief scuffle, and Garfield Cobblefist sustaining a rather nasty cracked skull, the drunks realise that the party “ain’t no Suiddock Slasher!”. In fact, one of them recognises Lyra Brüllaffe as his “Aunty Jackie’s cousin’s, sister’s, brother’s, girl”. They profusely apologise, that is, once their Guildmaster – Lea-Jan Cobbius arrives.

Lea-Jan, after patching up Garfield as best he can, gives the party an Elven Signate Ring, and tells them to plant it on the corpse of the Slasher, stating that a Human-Elf Race War is coming, and if they can point some blame at the Elves, then the Humans can get some official sanctioning. The party profusely refuses, and Lea-Jan leave it in their hands.

Meanwhile, the silhouette in the distance on the furtherest dock turns out to be a handsome man leading a drunken man onto his ferry. The band give chase, and steal two boats in the process.

The rest of the party catches wind of this, and likewise begins pursuit. After some expert oarsmanship by Séraphine Leclair, Siegfried Von Täuschung is able to get within leaping distance and clears the jump. However, the Slasher turns and stabs him in the side before his boat is rammed and he falls into the canal.

Warg Berggren, armed with a rope, pulls the Slasher in from the water, and the party confront the man whose glamour drops to reveal Willibrod “Weird Willi” Molendijk – a local friendless tramp. Willi is terrified and clearly not in his right mind. He doesn’t even seem to know that he has hurt anyone. Further, he keeps making mention of the Voice in the Well who tells him to bring more “friends”.

“Something Speaks…”

The Guilded Rose, with Willi in toe, head to an old abandoned cistern in Suiddock where a scene of grotesque violence has occurred. They find the kill-room, and the severed heads of the victims on proud display. Furthermore, they find a black-stone, black-water well with glowing red runes lipping it.

Willi, incensed by his madness, turns on the party again, and narrowly misses decapitating Otmer Krummzahner, who in turn knocks him out cold. Filled with dread, and at the end of their contract, the party call for Theophilius Graveland and the Black Caps.


They get paid, and none of the credit for a job well done – though they do get the attention of several people around Marienburg:

  1. Albertus Cobbius and Granny Hetta find respect for The Guilded Rose for the mercy they showed Willibrod “Weird Willi” Molendijk.
  2. Lea-Jan Cobbius is angered that they didn’t do “their part” in helping out the people in Suiddock by framing the Elves.
  3. And Theophilius Graveland and the Black Caps and Cult of Morr know the Guild to be reliable employees.


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