When everything is for sale,

What is your honour worth?

Welcome to Marienburg!

Marienburg stands as the greatest port in the Old World – a truly cosmopolitan city where, if it can be taxed, it can be purchased. It is the one city in the Old World where Chaos isn’t instantly regarded as evil, but perhaps dangerously progressive. It is where Elves barter and trade freely with Dwarves, and Halflings can rise to positions of power, based on the strength of their voice.

Marienburg, to the enterprising Imperial, represents freedom. That is, if you have the appropriate paperwork and bribes handy…

If you’re completely new to Marienburg: Sold Down the River, please take a look at our Grand Concept, so that you can understand the campaign a little better.

Important Information

Marienburg: Sold Down the River is a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition campaign created and run by the Melbourne Organisation for Roleplaying and Tabletop Enthusiasts.

Dramatis Personae

Sold Down the River

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